About Me

Fist of all, thank you for visiting my site. It means a lot to me to see that my effort put into creating this blog is not in vain. I'm the person responsible behind the content of this website, and an aspiring blogger trying to give my part to the world.

Literature has always been a hobby of mine. That and video games. Eventually, I ended up becoming a Bachelor in English language and literature and started working in digital marketing.

This was the perfect combination for a computer nerd and a bookworm like myself. After seeing the power that a website can have in relaying a message to the world, and creating lots of successful websites for businesses, I decided to make one for myself. 

The choice was obvious - literature. I had my struggles understanding English literature, especially works from the Renaissance. Needless to say, that's not the case anymore.

Welcome to My Blog

Now, I know there are is a ton of content on modern literature, partly because of my marketing experience, partly because of my education. However, there isn't as much content for classics. All props to Schmoop, The Poetry Foundation, and a few odd others for making classics accessible and understandable. After all, pages like these are what helped me, in my nascent university years, to understand what Shakespeare, Coleridge, Chaucer, and many others were trying to say.

Truth be told, as a person whose mother tongue isn’t English, Shakespeare scared me. Drama scared me. Poetry even more so. Novels not as much. But, I learned to love every bit and piece, every soliloquy, every verse, every ingenious odd trochee in an iambic sonnet.

So, I'll try to give as much insight into literature in general. I'll pay special attention to Drama and Poetry, as they are the hardest to understand in general. 

My plan here is to encompass everything - from how to read King Lear to how to interpret Eliot's The Waste Land.

As I go along creating content for this blog, I’ll try to go through everything that has fascinated me over the years – and will try to find new things to fascinate me and share them with you.